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Things to do in Uluru, Australia’s Red Center

Wow, so I was being all nostalgic and looking back at a series of posts from one of the most memorable trips of my life – visiting the澳大利亚北领地188体育直播比分. That’s when I realized I had one more post that I never published from that trip! And it’s the most important one too – you’ll see why in a moment. So without further ado, here is a post on my time visiting Uluru, the famous Red Center, and one of Australia’s most iconic landmarks.

This post is the fifth of a series of posts on the amazing time I had in the outback with YHA Australia. You can check out'北领地'标签去看更多内地和内地的帖子‘Australia’ tag对于任何帖子,我将在澳大利亚做。188体育直播比分




Uluru is special because it is home to many rare plants and animals. It is also an important spiritual site, sacred to the Anagu aboriginal people, with many caves painted with ancient rock arts.

Is it Uluru or Ayers Rock?

You might have seen the name Ayers Rock being used while referring to Uluru. That’s because for many years, Ayers Rockwas官方名称是指这个惊人的岩层。

In short,你应该把这块岩石称为乌鲁鲁,而不是艾尔斯岩石.

为什么它叫做Ayers Rock以便开始?为了回答这一点,我们需要回到1800年代。纽伦斯特·吉尔斯(Ernest Giles)是欧洲探险家的欧洲探险家,在澳大利亚中部的一支探险期间获得了欧洲探险家的历史。188体育直播比分一年后,乌鲁鲁在另一个欧洲探险家中威廉·格索斯(William Gosse)在一个单独的探险中再次被审查。然后,GOSSE当时南澳大利亚州南澳大利亚总理爵士爵士,艾尔斯摇滚“。188体育直播比分这个名字陷入了数百年。

However, as we now know of the Australian history, the European explorers did not “find” Uluru, as it has existed for millions of years and had been known to the indigenous Pitjantjatjara / Anangu Aboriginal people for tens of thousands of years. To them, Uluru is not just a monolith rock, it is a sacred site with significant cultural and spiritual meaning, evidenced by the ancient rock paintings that can be seen on the caves in Uluru.

Starting 1993, Uluru was added to the official name which became “Ayers Rock / Uluru”. However in 2002, the naming was reversed to become “Uluru / Ayers Rock”, placing Uluru as the first official name of the rock.

Can you climb Uluru?

从2019年10月开始,它将成为非法的to climb Uluru.所以,如果你在2019年10月之后那么答案很简单 - 你不能按照法律决定的乌鲁鲁。

But for now, while it is not currently illegal at the time of writing this post, climbing Uluru has always been highly discouraged out of respect to the Anangu people, who have specifically spoken out against the climb. This is because the path to the top of Uluru is associated with important Mala ceremonies. The people of Anangu believe that during the time when the world was being formed (referred to as Dreamtime), the path was the traditional route of ancestral Mala men on their arrival at Uluru.



The closest civilization to Uluru is a tiny town called Yulara, and here are ways to get to Yulara:

距离爱丽丝泉的公共汽车yulara– I took a tour bus byAAT Kings Bus Alice Spring to Uluru,大约六个小时。虽然这不是最直接的方式,但如果你想参观,这可能是最好的方法爱丽丝斯泉太。此外,您可以在途中看到一些有趣的景点!骆驼农场,盐湖和“假uluru”安装康纳。

Mount Conner, often mistaken as Uluru
Mount Conner, often mistaken as Uluru

Yulara by Direct Domestic Flight– Thanks to the great interest and tourism, there is actually an airport in Yulara called Ayers Rock Airport (I guess they never bothered renaming the airport itself). You can find frequent domestic flights from other parts of Australia to this airport – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Darwin. I flew out to Sydney from this airport! However, there are no international flights.


As I said before, the only civilization near Uluru is in a tiny town called Yulara. In Yulara there are tons of resorts and high-end hotels, but those are out of budget so I stayed atOutback Pioneer Lodge, the only economical accommodation around the area and part of YHA Australia.

Now, things to do in Uluru:

1. Capture Uluru at different times of the day


PS:我通常不会指出这一点,但这是我在所有旅行中最喜欢的照片之一,所以如果你想借它自用,please ask me first并通过链接回到这篇文章给了我信贷.

uluru at different times of the day

So how can you see Uluru at different times of the day? If you are not planning to self-drive, there are many tour options you can take:

Tours to see Uluru at Sunrise

Tours to see Uluru at Sunset

2. Visit Yulara Town

Yulara is not a large town by any means. The entire town consists of this one less than the 2km circular road, which you can walk around in under 20 minutes.


在尤拉拉,我建议去iMalung Lookout Point., where you can see Uluru from the top. It’s a very easy walk!

Uluru as seen from Yulara
Uluru as seen from Yulara
Uluru from Imalung Point in Yulara
Uluru from Imalung Point in Yulara

你可以visit the visitor center area for meals, groceries, and some restaurants. They’ll also have some dance performance and light activities scheduled throughout the day.

3. See Uluru at Sunset – Sounds of Silence Dinner under the stars

This is probably one of the most famous activity in Uluru! Sounds of Silence dinner takes you to a private space near Uluru, where you can have wine and hors-d’oeuvres (which included kangaroo meat) while watching Uluru change color as the sun begins to set.


After Sunset, you are then ushered to the dinner area, where white linen round tables are waiting for you. I was traveling alone, so I was seated with a larger group of people. Lucky for me, I got seated with super cool folks – a group of older Australians who are doing a cross-continent bike tour from Melbourne.

Buffet Dinner at Sounds of Silence
Buffet Dinner at Sounds of Silence

沉默的声音是我完成的最令人难忘的活动之一,因为接下来会发生什么。一旦太阳完全落实,你就可以享受繁星之夜天空!既然我们在沙漠中间,没有云,这是一个非常晴朗的夜晚。夜空刚刚充满了白色闪闪发光的星星 - 和行星!我们也能通过望远镜看到木星。对我来说,这是我生命中最偏远的最偏远,我从来没有见过我生命中的许多星星。

Unfortunately, my photography skill was not that great back then and I did not have a tripod with me, so I don’t have any photo evidence of the stars you’ll just have to trust me that it was worth the experience!

你可以book Sound of Silence from their official website.

That said, the Sounds of Silence is a bit more higher-end option at A$210 per person. If you are looking for something more affordable, you can consider the following sunset tours with optional BBQ after:

  • Uluru Base and Sunset Tour– if you want to get up close to Uluru, don’t mind walking and want to stay for sunset, this is the tour for you.
  • Uluru Sunset Drive– if you just want to see Uluru at sunset with out the walk, this is the perfect option for you.

4.在日出的乌鲁鲁 - 日出骆驼骑自行车的景色,享有Uluru和Kata Tjuta的景致

This was my first time ever seeing a real camel! Though I later saw (and rode) many more camels on my trip toJordan, I’ll always remember this camel ride as my first-time ever.

预订Sunrise or Sunset Uluru Camel Ride Experience在这里。

在这次旅行中,你在上午5:30开始很早开始,以确保您在日出之前在那里。当我们到达骆驼农场时,骆驼已经在地层中排序。这是因为骆驼在野外工作的方式 - 他们按照骆驼的个性顺序行走。alpha,更自信的骆驼将引导包装,然后在线形成中的其余包。然而,最有信心的骆驼走过去,以保护剩下的捕食者。如果您在线形成的第一个或最后一次或持续分配不太自信的骆驼,可能会导致混乱,他们可能会拒绝走路。


Riding the camel to sunrise route
Uluru Sunrise Camel Tour


Uluru Sunrise Camel Tour


Kata Tjuta Uluru Sunrise Camel Tour
Kata Tjuta at Sunrise
Selfie with my Camel!
Selfie with my Camel!

So yeah, that’s why this trip to Uluru was so memorable to me. I’ll never forget the calm and silence as we were riding in formation, and the beautiful colors that kept changing every minute over Uluru and Kata Tjuta.

预订Sunrise or Sunset Uluru Camel Ride Experience在这里


If you are flying out of the Ayers Rock Airport, you should research ahead of time and see which side of the airplane will Uluru and Kata Tjuta be visible from. I flew out of the airport to Sydney and I sat on the left side of the plane, and to my delight, I was able to snap a couple of last minute photos of the rocks from the plane!

kata tjuta从上面
kata tjuta从上面

6.访问Kata Tjuta和King's Canyon


悲伤地,在北部领土上留下了我的时间。This post is the fifth (and last) of a series of posts on the amazing time I had in the Australian outback! You can check out'北领地'标签去看更多内地和内地的帖子‘Australia’ tag我将在澳大利亚做的任何职位。188体育直播比分

免责声明:此次旅行由Yha Australia赞助,这意味着所有住宿和航班都是免费提供188体育直播比分给我的。但是,所有意见仍然是我的。

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