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Gold Coast is a city in Queensland, Australia, famous for a beach vacation destination and a paradise for surfers (In fact, there is even a place called Surfer’s Paradise). I spent three days in Gold Coast before heading up north on my 10-day Queensland Road trip. In this post, I will cover thins to do in Gold Coast and other recommendations.

如果您对昆士兰州的整体行程感兴趣,please read my Queensland Road Trip post first!

Beautiful Sunset from Kirra Hill Lookout in Coolangatta, QLD

How to get to Gold Coast

If you are coming from outside of Australia, your best bet is to reach Gold Coast from Brisbane. Brisbane is one of the major cities in Australia, only one hour drive away from Gold Coast. However, if you’re flying from within Australia, you can fly straight to the Gold Coast Airport located conveniently 20 minutes drive from the heart of the city.



Unfortunately, unless you can drive a car, you will be very limited in terms of where you can visit in Gold Coast. There is一个吃晚饭er nice tram called the G-link, which connects Broadbeach to Surfer’s Paradise and to Griffith University. It cost AU$4.20 for a one way trip, which I thought was quite pricey, but this is coming from someone who lives in Singapore and has been spoiled by cheap public transport.

Super nice trams called the G-link

But if you want to get out of the area covered by the G-link, you won’t be able to do so without spending time waiting for public transport. Buses doesn’t seem to come very often.

简而言之,I highly recommend you plan to rent a car and drive when you visit Gold Coast。Otherwise, you’d be limited to only Surfer’s Paradise and Broadbeach area. Make sure you have your international driver’s license handy!


I enjoyed eating at the following places, some of which I will mention again as things to do below. But here there are in a list form for your convenience:

  • Betty’s Burger at Surfer’s Paradise(地图) – Go for Betty’s Classic and one of their thickshakes.
  • 夏状海鲜(地图) – You have have have to try the Tasmanian Oysters for AU$19.90 a dozen!
  • 夜晚的市场– Fridays and Saturdays (地图) – Try the Funnel cake and craft beers, among many other choices of food!
  • 成瘾食品和咖啡馆(facebook) – A small coffeehouse in Broadbeach. Try the turmeric latte and avo toast! I was also obsessed with the salt, pepper and sesame spices they served with every dish.
  • Hurricane’s Grill(地图)——我访问他们的情人港Sydn分支ey before, and since I was craving for some australian steak, I had to stop by their location in Gold Coast too! It’s a bit touristy, but conveniently located if you are walking around Surfer’s Paradise.
  • Another one that I did not get to try isELK Espresso(地图), because I visited on a holiday and they were closed. I was sad since I had so many people recommend this place to me. Rumor has it that Orlando Bloom used to frequent this place when he was dating supermodel Miranda Kerr.

Where to stay in Gold Coast

View from our room at The Star

The tourism board had kindly put us up atThe Star Gold Coast, and I thoroughly enjoyed my stay there. The location is very convenient (within 5 minutes walk to a G-train station and city center, and 10 minutes walk to the beach). I’m not really a gambler but I did enjoy visiting the Casino too!


Things to do in Gold Coast

1. Climb the SkyPoint, the tallest building in Gold Coast

从中可以看到金色海岸最美丽的景色之一SkyPoint Observation Deck, which gives you a scenic 360 view of the city from above.


Sky Point Climb

I was not allowed to take my camera up there, or anything loose for that matter, because anything that gets accidentally dropped from such height can cause serious damage down below. So I don’t have any pictures from my phone but they did take our pictures and gave them to me in a USB.

2. Get a 360 view of Gold Coast from the SkyPoint Observation deck

Located at the 77th level of Q1 building in Surfer’s Paradise, you pretty much get an unobstructed view of the entire Gold Coast. You can also enjoy some drinks and light bites – I opted for the turmeric latte, which I kept seeing everywhere in Australia.

If you can’t do the climb I would still highly recommend visiting the observation deck, especially on a good day. You can bookSkyPoint Observation Deck ticket here, which gives you direct barcode entry.



3. Take a Surfing Lesson!

一天晚上,我们决定在这次旅行时至少尝试一次冲浪。毕竟,黄金海岸闻名于冲浪!所以我们在网上看了一个Gold Coast Surfing Lesson。PS:这部分是从我们自己的口袋里支付的!

Surfing Lesson

The surfing lesson? I’m not going to lie, it is hard. At the beginning of the lesson, our instructor gave us guidance on how to paddle and stand on the board, then off we go to the ocean. The most tiring part for me was to paddle out into the sea. The waves here in this part of the world is very strong, but that’s why they are good for surfing!. We did a short 3-hour lesson and by the end of it I could kinda stand on the board a little, but not really. I think if you really want to be able to stand on the board, you have to go more than once.


A trip to Australia is not complete until you see a Koala! I recommendCurrumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, which is a short drive from Gold Coast. Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is a heritage-listed zoological garden built in 1947. The Sanctuary now houses some of Australia’s native animals, such as Koalas, Dingos, and Saltwater Crocodiles.

如果您正在寻找更广泛的动物,您可能有兴趣做Australia Zoo Day Tour, which is about two hours drive from Gold Coast (the tour includes transport so you don’t have to worry about that). The Australia Zoo used to be called Beerwah Reptile and Fauna Park, which was owned by the late Steve Irwin’s parents and the sanctuary where Steve used to help out when he was young. The name was later changed to Australia Zoo by Steve Irwin himself. To this day the zoo is still owned by his widow Teri. You can see a wide range of birds, mammals, and reptiles in this zoo.

5. Go surfer watching at Currumbin Alley

Currumbin Alley is a famous surf break along Gold Coast. It is the point where Currumbin creek meets the ocean, where it forms a narrow alley, perfect for surfers to catch the wave. For the non-surfers like us, we still had a great time walking along the rocks and observing how the more advanced surfers would catch the wave off these rocks with strong waves!

A young surfer at Currumbin Bay
The famous Currumbin Alley

6. Witness the Pelican Feeding at Charis Seafoods

I was already excited going to Charis for all the fresh seafood, but watching the pelican feeding was quite something else.

每天在凌晨1点左右,可以在Ian Dipple Lagoon中看到大量的鹈鹕鸟类。为什么?他们都耐心地等待日常剩余的和来自Charis Seafood的废料,这将在下午1:30喂食(抛出)。当这种情况发生时,鹈鹕队几乎在鹈鹕中举行,所以如果你碰巧碰到一块鱼骨子,那么不要感到惊讶!除此之外,他们对人类的无害,我想这是一个对孩子的有趣活动。

Pelican Feeding at Charis Seafoods

And of course I had to feed myself as well! I went straight for dem juicy oysters. They are priced at insanely cheap rate of $19.90 – 21.90 per dozen, which is super low compared to Singapore oyster prices and soo sweet and juicy. I think I had the entire dozen pretty much by myself. Yuri only ate two or three pieces…

The oysters here are sooo cheap!!

I personally think the Moreton Bay Bugs are freakin’ scary and looks like a giant bug. I would never eat them, but people who love crustaceans would go crazy for this. They look similar to lobsters, but a flat and their hands are not as big.

PS: Moreton Bay is actually just an hour drive north from Gold Coast, so it could also be a cool stop if you’re planning to go up north.


Aside from the oysters, I also ordered the Fisherman’s Basket, which has a little bit of everything – fish, random seafood like calamari and shrimp, with chips with some onion rings thrown in for good measure. We ate this at the picnic table outside of Charis with the company of some birds hoping for scraps and clear blue skies.


7. Visit Surfer’s Paradise and have a burger at Betty’s Burger

Betty’s Burger at Surfer’s Paradise

I went for Betty’s Classic (AU$10) and the Vanilla thick shake (AU$8). The burger was delicious and freshly made. The thick shake is exactly like the name implies – it’s very thick. Almost feels like it’s a melted ice cream! Overall, I enjoyed this place and I thought it was quite affordable in relative to other restaurants in Australia.

I saw that they have a branch in Noosa as well later on in the trip, and the line for that Betty’s goes around the corner. The branch here at Surfer’s Paradise was also crowded, but at least we didn’t have to line up!

8. Take a short stroll at the Botanical Garden

Gold Coast Regional Botanic Gardens

我们碰巧看到植物园的标志当我们开车回酒店时,既然这是一个美好的一天,我们决定......为什么不呢?让我们来看看。它最终是一个非常漂亮的漫步在公园周围。我想这是一个非常本地的事情 - 我看到他们的慢跑服装和家人坐在野餐中。这是一个很好的城市休息,我必须在咖啡馆里再次在这里有姜黄拿铁。

9. Drive down to Coolangatta and stand at the border point between Queensland and New South Wales

The best sunset shot I got from this trip was taken from Kirra Hill Lookout in Coolangatta with sunset surfers still peppering the beach below.

Beautiful Sunset from Kirra Hill Lookout in Coolangatta, QLD
来自Coolangatta的Kirra Hill Lookout看到的冲浪者的天堂


Sunrise at Snapper Rocks, Coolangatta

At this point I thought Australians were quite intense with their place-naming… I mean, first I learned there is a place called “Mount Warning” and now there is a “Point Danger” as well?

As it turns out, there is a story behind it. These two places were named so by Captain James Cook, a British explorer and the first westerner to make contact with Australia and New Zealand. Mount Warning and Point Danger was named to warn others of its dangerous offshore corals reefs, making it unfit for ships to come close to the bay.

New South Wales as seen from Point Danger

I just thought it was cool to be able to see NSW from afar.

Sunrise from Snapper’s Rock

10. Check out Australian Nature and Mountain near Gold Coast

Here are some nature spots you can check out near Gold Coast:

Visit Tamborine Mountain

Tamborine Mountain是黄金海岸附近的着名地区。你可能想要预订Tamborine Mountain Tour其中包括拿起和下降。在这次旅行中,您将在越野4WD骑行,雨林步行到瀑布和Boomerang课程。

Hike up Mount Warning for a great view of the sunrise

Disclaimer:没有陪伴这个部分的图片,因为我们没有去做徒步旅行。在访问前几周,黄金海岸被飓风击中,并关闭了警告路径。我们已经在凌晨4点的不敬虔的时间里开了一下,而天空仍然是黑暗的,但是当我们意识到我们无法继续时,被迫回头。在回来的路上,随着天空开始亮起,我们可以看到飓风的效果 - 仍然落在瀑布上,并在河上洗净了家具!

However, if the mountain is open for hiking then, by all means, please do try it! I heard great things about Mount Warning, especially for sunrise. Just be mindful that it may not be an easy hike and be prepared for it.

11. Visit the Night Quarter Market for live music and food (only open on Fridays and Saturdays)

我最喜欢的摊位之一在夜间市场 - 臭名昭着的E.A.T.

This was quite a memorable one for me since there were just so much food! I had fun sampling various creative types of dishes and the craft beers. My favorite stalls at the market are TheNotorious E.A.T.,因为他们的菜肴名字是东海岸的热闹致敬,美国说唱场景和世界着名的漏斗蛋糕,一个有趣的女士们跳舞的乐趣展位,在你面前送去颓废的漏斗蛋糕。

Please take note that the market is only open on Friday and Saturday. For more information, visit their website atnightquarter.com.au.

Tim Tam Funnel Cake

12. And I’ll say it again – Do not miss the Golden Hour

Broadbeach at Sunset

这可能是我访问黄金海岸的最受欢迎部分。日出和日落总是史诗,每一天都没有失败。我已经提到了Coolangatta的Kirra Lookout Point,但Broadbeach也是一个优秀的地方,因为它往往更安静。在一个晴朗的一天,您可以观察天空中的颜色梯度从蓝色到粉红色和橙色,因为太阳逐渐落在另一边(黄金海岸位于澳大利亚东海岸)。188体育直播比分

Processed with VSCO with c7 preset

This trip was sponsored byCheapTickets.sgand Queensland Tourism Board. All opinions remain solely my own.

For more Queensland travel posts,please visit this page.If you are planning a trip to Queensland and is interested in my overall itinerary,please read this post first!


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