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Hiking the Rob Roy Glacier Track at Mount Aspiring National Park, New Zealand

当我第一次研究对d哪一天上涨o near Wanaka, my first choice was Roys Peak. However, we soon realized that it’s also everyone else’s first choice too – which means it’s going to be a very crowded hike. Roys Peak a very popular track with an amazing view from the top, no doubt, but from what I’ve read, it’s a pretty dull experience since it just zigzags up the hill without much view to look at.

Thankfully a friend I met through Instagram (Liz fromYoung Adventuress谁实际上生活在瓦纳卡)建议做的罗伊罗伊冰川轨道。Trusting the local, we looked into it. It looked very beautiful and after ourBen Lomond summit adventure只需两天,我们真的只是在寻找一个容易尚无景区的徒步旅行。几张照片后来我们完全卖掉了,然后我们去了抢劫罗伊冰川轨道!

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How to get to Rob Roy Glacier Track

罗伊罗伊冰川轨道is part of Mount Aspiring National Park, just a short one hour drive from Wanaka. The “Rob Roy” name came from the Scottish hero Rob Roy MacGregor, named by the first Europeans who settled around the area in 1870s. The Rob Roy track is billed as an easy track that even older children can do.

到罗伊罗伊冰川轨道的开始非常方便。从Wanaka,您只需乘Wanaka-Mount Aspiring Road,直到您到达道路的最终,到一个叫做的地方Raspberry Creek Carpark

The drive itself is quite an unusual drive. Firstly, the drive up was a very scenic one – you get to overlook the Lake Wanaka area and the mountain range around it.

Drive to Mount Aspiring National Park
Drive to Mount Aspiring National Park


Pay close attention to the road signs as farm animals are let loose and they sometimes would use the road as well. We had to wait patiently behind a herd of cows several times while driving into the park in the morning.

So. many. cows. crossing.
So. many. cows. crossing.



Word of caution:这款覆盆子溪市停车场对于汽车休息而臭名昭着do not leave anything valuable in the car!!

Raspberry Creek Carpark
Raspberry Creek Carpark

Rob Roy冰川轨道

Rob Roy冰川轨道概述

  • 距离:9.。6km return from Raspberry Creek Carpark (6km for the track to lower lookout, 3.6km to return to the carpark)
  • Elevation gain:495M.
  • Recommended time:3.5小时返回较低景点的旅程,包括休息时间和照片的时间

从树莓溪停车场,跟着简单signs to Rob Roy Glacier Track. This will take you through to a walk in the extremely scenic Matukituki Valley.

After about 2km of walking along the river in the valley, you’ll know when you’ve arrived at the start of the Rob Roy Track. The trailhead is clearly marked by that green DOC (NZ Department of Conservation) sign and a swing bridge that crosses over West Matukituki River straight into the track.


我很高兴报告Doc网站这一次没有撒谎 - 这条赛道确实很容易在我们在新西兰的过去的两个徒步旅行中非常容易(这是玛丽安湖andBen Lomond Summit– click for my experiences for those hikes!). There were a few steep-ish climbs but it was very short that I barely noticed the incline.


Grimm's Fairytale or Lord of the rings?
This one is definitely Grimm’s Fairy Tale
Interesting vegetation on the track
Interesting vegetation on the track

Finally, after about 1 hour and 15 minutes of leisure walking and stopping to take photos, we reached the Lower Lookout to Rob Roy Glacier!

虽然天气很冷,但这是一个非常阳光灿烂的日子,我们可以在冰川上看到蒸汽(?)。(更新:我后来被告知这些不是蒸汽 - 他们只是在强风中吹掉的新雪!)




The path to the Upper lookout is prone to avalanches during springtime. But if you are there during the right season, then you definitely should continue on. Just make sure you check ahead and see if the weather conditions are favorable. We took some time sitting around, eating our snacks and taking photos at the lower lookout of the glacier before turning back to the carpark.

On our way down, we passed by a few groups of hikers just barely heading into the track. This is such a contrast from earlier that morning, where we didn’t see anyone else coming into the track. I guess the Rob Roy track is more popular in the afternoon! At least in the winter time.

Overall, I really enjoyed my time at Rob Roy Glacier Track. It was the easy but scenic walk we were looking for. It wasn’t too physically demanding and the sights you see along the track (and the drive in) were very interesting. Definitely would recommend this to friends looking for an easy day hike!

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