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5.Days in Melbourne Itinerary: What to see, eat and do

我一直都在188体育直播比分那and I gotta say, Melbourne ishands down我最喜欢的五个最受欢迎的城市。它在那里东京as places I hope I end up living in one day. I feel quite validated in this opinion when I found out that Melbourne has been ranked as经济学家最居住的城市连续七年。一个令人印象深刻的壮举,对吧?我可以看到为什么 - 在过去五年前三次访问城市后,很难爱上墨尔本。


Melbourne Travel Tips

  • Getting to Melbourne– There are two airports in Melbourne, Tullamarine and Avalon Airport, but you’d probably land to Tullamarine Airport since it’s the primary airport for Melbourne.
  • 乘公共汽车前往城市– Take theSkybus Airport Transfer从Tullamarine机场到城市(使用预先使用this linkfor cheaper). This is the cheapest and fastest way to get to the city. You can get dropped off at the Southern Cross Station or Southbank and Docklands. From there, you can take a complimentary shuttle to your hotel (or hotel nearest to your accommodation). ViewSkybus在这里停下来
  • 出租车和乘车分享- 如果您不太敏锐,您可以从机场乘出租车或优步,这将根据您入住的位置而运行AU $ 55-65。是的,优步是广泛的墨尔本!你可以肯定使用它们,尽管我发现它们在Pricier Aide上。
  • Melbourne City Circle Tram is free- 这是我在墨尔本时的主要运输方式之一。这条电车线,在大多数地图上标记着棕色的棕色,圆圈墨尔本市中心,基本上带你去任何你想去的地方。它每12分钟都有左右48分钟才能完成圆圈。
  • 获取Myki卡在墨尔本的公共交通– Aside of the city circle tram, you’ll need a Myki card if you want to get on other trams in Melbourne. Myki card can be topped up and bought at many retailers, including 7/11.在这里了解有关Myki卡的更多信息
  • 为墨尔本的各种天气做好准备– Melbourne weather is notoriously fickle. When I was there in April, I experienced everything from sunny, to rain, to coldwind… all in one day.
  • 穿舒适的鞋子,因为你会走很多– One of the reasons why I love Melbourne so much is for its walkability. Trust me, you’ll want to walk and explore while you’re here. On my first day in Melbourne, I clocked in 30,000 steps which is three times I normally walk in a day.

Cash Management in Australia

In Australia, you can use your credit card pretty much everywhere. I didn’t use cash for most of my trips there. However, if you prefer to transact in cash, then exchange your money before the trip.Do NOT exchange your money in Australia especially at the Airport。他们一般不给你一个很好的汇率,有时适用于交易的费用 -check out this article for horror stories

My friend tried to exchange AUD to SGD in Sydney Airport and was given a rate of $1.43 when the going rate was $1.04. His A$163 became S$115 when it should have been S$155. I know as a general rule you are not supposed to change currency in airports, but to his defense, we’ve changed currencies in other airports and was not ripped off as badly as in Australia.

The best time to visit Melbourne

March – April is the best time to visit Melbourne (or Australia in general). It won’t be too hot since summer has just finished, and it won’t be too cold yet. Winter hits around the end of May / early June.

Where to stay in Melbourne

Generally, I try to stay within the central area when I’m visiting Melbourne. The central Melbourne is a small area and totally walkable, and there is the free city tram line. Here are some places I’ve personally stayed in Melbourne:

  • rydges墨尔本- Rydges是澳大利亚的连锁酒店。188体育直播比分我已经和他们住在一起Hobart和布里斯班也!墨尔本的rydges拥有墨尔本最佳地点之一。它靠近你想去的所有斑点!这就是我到处走路的方式。
  • Melbourne Central YHA- 我喜欢澳大利亚的YHA。188体育直播比分他们总是在最好的位置享受最好的住宿。YHA是一个更预算的选择,但该地点位于弗林德斯街,是墨尔本的主要街道。即使它是一个预算选项,并不意味着你必须分享 - 我留在屋顶上的一个私人房间里。它享有墨尔本商业区的美景。
  • Melbourne Metro YHA- 与中央yha不同,这个不像是方便的那样,但它非常实惠。它仍然可以靠近公共交通,但如果你真的想省钱,我只会预定这个。




Tips: Save this Map on your phone!如果您在手机上安装了Google Maps应用程序,您可以单击上面的地图的右上角,并将其保存到地图中以供以后查看!How to view your maps later

OK, let’s get to the Melbourne 5-day Itinerary:

Day 1: Get your bearings around Melbourne Central

The Melbourne Central area is not a big place. With the City Circle tram being free for tourist, it makes for an easy first day itinerary of Melbourne.

1. Queen Victoria Market


If you don’t want to explore on your own, you can book thisQueen Victoria Foodie Tour。它包括很多食物,所以请确保空腹。


2。Eureka Skydeck on 88th floor of Eureka Tower

从女王维多利亚市场,您可以将City Circle Cram Trax Traft到Flinder Street,并将Yarra River穿越南岸地区,位于尤里卡塔。Eureka Tower是澳大利亚第二最高的摩天大楼,他们在88楼公共公开开放了观景台。188体育直播比分(澳大利亚最高的建筑是Q1188体育直播比分Gold Coast, which I also went up to!)

你可以买Eureka Skydeck 88入场券for cheaper usingthis link。然而,虽然我喜欢Skydeck,但我不建议为边缘体验支付额外的时间,除非你和孩子一起旅行 - 它更像是在当地游乐园里骑行。我很喜欢在Skydeck本身度过更多时间。



After the Skydeck, you should definitely take some time and walk around the Southbank area. Especially if the weather is great and if you happen to be here during Melbourne Food & Wine Festival! The area would just be buzzing with activities and live music. Along the Yarra river, you’ll find nice restaurants, cafes and places to chill before continuing to the next destination.

4.。Melbourne Parliament House

Also located along the city circle tram route, the Melbourne Parliament House is a cool spot to spend a few hours in. I was lucky they were having their open day when I was in Melbourne, but the parliament house is open to the public on weekdays from 8:30 – 5:30 pm (在此处查看小时数和访问信息)。


5.。State Library Victoria

州图书馆维多利亚是澳大利亚最古老的公共图书馆,于18188体育直播比分56年开业。它也是世界上第一个免费的公共图书馆之一。除了作为一个图书馆,它还拥有城市最美丽的遗产建筑,因为您可以从高度拍摄的La Trowe阅览室中看到。

La Trobe阅览室州图书馆维多利亚

6. Explore the Alleys of Melbourne


墨尔本胡同Rankins Lane
墨尔本胡同Rankins Lane

Day 2: See arts and culture in Melbourne


1. Melbourne Museum

I almost missed out on this museum – I had left this to visit on my very last day in Melbourne, and that’s only because my mate Mitch (who lives in Melbourne) recommended me to visit on my second to last day. But I’m SO glad I didn’t miss it! Melbourne Museum was such a fun place to visit. There are bits of natural history and science as well as cultural Australian history sprinkled in, as well as interactive displays. Unfortunately, I had to rush when I visited this museum, but you should definitely dedicate at least 3 hours here if you love natural history. I found the gemstone exhibit to be particularly memorable – they’re all so sparkly!

2。National Gallery of Victoria (NGV)

Often referred to by its abbreviation NGV, this museum was one of the best contemporary art museums I’ve ever been to. During the time of my visit, I was lucky to catch the last month of the Triennial exhibit. The exhibit featured the work of over 100 artists from around the world including the likes of Yayoi Kusama (made even more famous by Instagram through her Infinity Room installation atThe Broad in Los Angeles)and Ron Mueck (known for his lifelike yet bizarre sculptures and whom I later found out is a native Melbournian).


就像在墨尔本那样在墨尔本而不是喝咖啡的犯罪,在没有看到街头艺术的情况下,对这个城市的访问并不完整!你甚至不必努力,因为这座城市已经充满了惊人的涂鸦和街头画作,但最着名的街道是AC/DC Lane, Hosier Lane, and Desgraves Street。如果你喜欢你在那里看到的东西,我建议要去Fitzroy看看那里的街头艺术 - 但别担心,我已经有一整天献给这一行程的Fitzroy

对于那些想要获得更多墨尔本涂鸦和街头艺术文化的人的人,我建议在举办会议墨尔本街艺术之旅那run by the street artists themselves!

Melbourne Graffiti
Melbourne Graffiti



Melbourne Magic
Apparently this is how a cup of magic looks like

Personally I’m not bougie enough to appreciate the difference. All coffee with milk taste similar to me, but I definitely kept ordering magic when I was in Melbourne. I haven’t seen it anywhere else in the world, and besides, it’s more fun to say “Can I have a magic?” to your barista

5.。Stroll around Fitzroy Gardens

The garden is called Fitzroy Garden, but it’s actually closer to the central area than it is to Fitzroy. It’s actually only a block away from the central area and it’s a great place to have a morning stroll, or if you’re in Melbourne during fall, you can catch some autumn foliage here! Make sure to stop by Cook’s cottage, a reconstruction of an original brick cottage originally built in England in 1755 by the family of Captain James Cook. Yes, they brought them from England to Australia brick by brick and rebuilt the house here!


Fitzroy is Melbourne’s super cool alternative side. It’s located not too far away from the central area – in fact, you can walk to the heart of Fitzroy from Melbourne central in about half an hour. Or you can grab an Uber for A$10-15.

I recommend starting out with brunch at交错李的咖啡馆要么Smith & Daughters(素食餐厅),在探索有趣的商店along Brunswick street. They’ve got all kinds of shops from vintage to high-end shops along the street.


Random art in Fitzroy
Random art in Fitzroy

For dinner, you can head toEasey’s那a super cool burger joint on a converted train car that’s on a rooftop of a building – don’t ask me how they got that up there. Then after dinner, go back to Brunswick street for a fun night out! The area is buzzing with activity especially if you’re there during a weekend night. You can check outNaked for Satanfor a rooftop bar.

Special thank you mates Mitch & Chay for showing us around! <3

Brunswick Street Fitzroy
Brunswick Street Fitzroy
Brunswick Street Fitzroy
Brunswick Street Fitzroy


You cannot visit Melbourne without going to St Kilda and Brighton, a suburb area south from Melbourne central that’s known as an affluent beachside area. They are pretty close to each other and easily accessible from Flinder street station, so take your Myki card and head down there!

I didn’t make it down to Brighton last time, but the most popular thing on Brighton beach are these colorful bright bathing houses from the early 1900s, used for ladies to change into their swimming suits back in the days. Nowadays, they are not just empty small wooden houses – they have become one of the most expensive real estate in Australia,with one of the boxes sold for $285,000 in 2016!!

Colorful Bathing Houses at Brighton Beach
Colorful Bathing Houses at Brighton Beach

If you’re up for it, you can walk from Brighton up to St Kilda. The walk is a scenic route through the coastal line and would take you approximately 2 hours.

I recommend visiting the St Kilda Pier and walking around the boardwalk area, where you can find booths set up by local jewelry designers and artists. If you’re around until sunset, you might be able to spot the St Kilda Penguins at the pier too!


Day 5: Escape from the city – do a short day trip!

While Melbourne is a super cool city, a trip to Australia isn’t complete without a road trip to see beautiful nature outside of the city life!

在澳大188体育直播比分利亚,它总是一个好主意租car and explore on your own. However, if you cannot drive, then you can join a tour instead. Here are some destinations you can go to escape the city:


Great Ocean Road Day Tour– The Great Ocean Road is a famous driving route, often referred to as one of the world’s most scenic coastal drive. This is the perfect place to visit if you have time for a few days road trip. However, it’s doable as a day trip from Melbourne too! One of the most popular highlights of the drive is called theTwelve Apostles那a collection of limestone pillars that are slowly being reclaimed back by nature. It’s reachable from Melbourne in a few hours drive. I did this tour on my first visit to Melbourne.


Yarra Valley葡萄酒和奶酪之旅– I’ve always seen wine bottles from Yarra Valley, so if you’re a wine and cheese enthusiast, you definitely need to make it out here! There’s nothing like sipping on a glass of wine and cheese locally produced right on the spot.

Grampians National Park– If you are the adventurous type who enjoys being in nature, hiking, and chasing waterfalls, then this is the perfect destination for you. Much like Great Ocean road, Grampians is great as a multi-day trip destination but it’s doable as a day trip from Melbourne although it will require you to wake up early and come back late.

Mornington Peninsula Day Tour- 这个地方是一个受欢迎的日车目的地,为那些想要摆脱城市但寻找不太太远的东西。距离墨尔本仅有一个小时的距离酒店。你在这次旅行中获得了一切 - 一个漂亮的景点点,一些葡萄酒,以及当地的味道。

Phillip Island Day Tour– Philip Island is yet another popular day trip option from Melbourne. The island is famous for its wildlife – you can see penguins and koalas!

Skydive in Melbourne– Australia is one of the best places in the world to do skydiving! From Melbourne, you can choose skydiving locations from Yarra Valley, the Great Ocean Road or near the city center.

Where to eat and drink in Melbourne


For Brunch

  • The Hardware Societe – the chorizo baked eggs is their most famous dish!
  • Higher Ground – Beautiful place and very popular with looong wait so you must come early
  • 交错李的咖啡馆(in Fitzroy)
  • 史密斯和女儿(在Fitzroy) - 素食餐厅



  • 曼彻斯特出版社(也很棒,早午餐)
  • The League of Honest Coffee
  • Brother Baba Budan
  • Market Lane Coffee – in Queen Victoria Market
Brother Baba Budan
Brother Baba Budan

For Lunch or Dinner

  • 曲奇饼
  • 下巴下巴——需要预订,特别是weekend dinner / brunch time
  • 积云
  • 皇家堆栈
  • Betty’s Burgers – I had Betty’s Burget inGold Coastand I was glad to see them here in Melbourne too!
  • Easey’s (in Fitzroy) – Super cool eatery, where you eat inside a train car… but on a rooftop of a building.
  • Menya拉面 - 这不是典型的墨尔本推荐,但这家餐厅在亚洲游客中超名(或者也许是美国印度尼西亚人?),而不是为了拉面,而是为了巨大的价值Gyu Tan Don - Aka烤牛皮汤。

For Drinks

  • Chuckle Park Bar
  • Rooftop Bar at Curtin House


  • Cherry Bar
  • Fitzroy的不伦瑞克街


  • 墨尔本杯11月– This horse racing event is arguably one of Australia’s biggest annual sporting event. The event is held on the first Tuesday in November each year, and is known locally as “the race that stops a nation” as every Australian will stop what they’re doing and crowd around the telly. People will also dress up in race day attire (formal) and attend the race, which (in a true Aussie fashion) often involves day drinking.
  • 世界上世界上最长的午餐– this is an annual event usually held as part of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival in March, where diners get to enjoy a meal at the 500m long table. Check out theMelbourne and Wine Festival websitefor more information!
  • 区域世界的午餐于3月份– If you can’t score a seat at the Melbourne Longest Lunch, fret not! They hold the longest lunch at regional areas outside of Melbourne too. I attended one in Yarra Valley last year, and it was an amazing experience. Read aboutmy Regional World’s Longest Lunchpost here.
  • 在几个月内没有参观?烦恼没有,看看墨尔本活动日历在这里to see what’s on during your visit!

That’s all I have on Melbourne! If you are visiting the city, let me know what you think of it!

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